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Mismatched shoes new arrivals

In our new arrivals page you can find our latest collection of mismatched shoes that have just arrived in our webshop. These shoes are brand new designer shoes that we buy of regular shoe stores. These mismatched shoes are often created by staff that by mistake mixes up two pair of shoes and sell these to the customer. The remaining mismatched shoes can’t be sold by the regular store.

 There are (for as far was we know) no regular stores that sell mismatched shoes. However we as a webshop do buy these shoes and offer them to people like you who have different size feet. Sow you can also shop for top quality mismatched shoes without any disadvantages like a higher price or a really small collection that you can choose from.

New arrival shoe collection

We always strife to have a shoe collection that can suit the shoe needs of every visitor of Oddpairshoes.com. This includes shoes for women, men and children. The shoes who are all mismatched are delivered to us or we pick them up ourselves. This makes sure we only get the best quality of shoes and the fastest delivery time.