How many shoes do you have in your closet, each pair will differ from each other. Just think of the color, the material, the size and even striking details like extra edits to give the shoe a complete style. For each outfit, every season or occasion we wear other shoes. The shoe fashion is still in development! Today we wear completely different shoes than before. Therefore, we take you into the evolution of shoe fashion: from 1920 to now. Read and enjoy!

History shoes
The fact that the shoe fashion has been a proper development is absolutely certain. Whoever thinks of past hikers might see only solid shoes in one or two colors, but nothing is less true! The shoes trends have been subject to various influencers over the years. Think of music (such as disco and rock and roll) and historical events (such as World War II). All these trends and developments have influenced the '20th century shoe fashion'.

Shoes 20 years old
Until the 20's, women's shoes were never visible. They were hidden under long dresses and only the wearer knew about it. There was a change in the 1920s. The dresses became shorter and the shoe has come into the spotlight for a long time! For the ladies at that time, it was time to go shopping. Of course, the shoes had to match their beautiful outfits, the season and the activities they took. Custom made shoes made for standard sizes and shoe models with pointed ends. Both men and women loved dancing at this time. That's why ladies in the 20s were fond of shoes with a (small) heel and T-straps or straps over the foot. For example, the shoe could not slip out quickly during a fun dance evening.

Shoes 30's
The love for shoes also lasted in the 30's. Despite the financial crisis at that time, many people did not save on shoes. Even a new shoe-centered entry occurred: perforations in both men's and women's shoes! Small holes or recesses that sometimes make skin visible, combined with big fat laces, filled the street image. Almost all ladies wore shoes with a heel in different heights, even during sports! The point of the shoe became rounder and especially shoes with contrasting colors (such as black and white) were popular. The sandal also made its appearance for men and women. Perfect for a beach day!

Shoes 40's
The shoe fashion in the 40's was largely influenced by the Second World War. There was little or no money to spend and that asked for cheaper shoes. Shoes had to be practical, but the materials were very scarce. Leather was unwise expensive, so we chose cotton shoes with wooden soles. These shoes were unfortunately not very comfortable and did not take long. After the war, these wooden soles were replaced for comfortable rubber soles. Also in terms of colors, shoes were not very spectacular. One often chose black or brown.

Shoes 50's
The fashion took a flight in the 50's. Dresses became bigger, accessories were striking and, unfortunately, the shoe fashion had a lot to suffer. Shoes in the 50's became easier. Instead of shoes with different colors and patterns, shoes in one color were often worn by both men and women. Black and brown in winter and slightly fatter colors in summer. The ultra-thin 'high heel' became a rage, but many women also wore a "kitten whole". A lower variant of the high heel and pieces more comfortable. Another nice detail is that of Elvis' well-known "Blue Suede Shoes" song, there was a run on blue, suede men's shoes. What music can not do!

Shoes 60's
The 60's was a great time for young women. This generation went for comfort, merry and budget. Instead of high heels the cover was made to whole flat shoes. Brightly colored flip flops were all hot, but dance shoes in all sorts of striking colors became fashionable again. And what about boots? Not of those boring but metallic boots made of new, flexible materials such as PVC. It completely matched the colored hippie with happy prints!

Shoes 70's
Think of the 70's, then you think of thick plateau soles and men on heels. No, it's not a joke. Just look at The Jackson 5 and David Bowie. They all wore shoes with extremely tall and thick soles. It was the most normal thing in the world and no one could escape this rage. Another nice trend was the sneaker phase in the 70's! As the race was broadcast on television, the sporty sneakers were also attracted to everyday use. And what about the cowboy boots that were no longer due to country artists? Nevertheless, the best trend in the 70's is still the roller skates!

Shoes 80's
Who run the world? Girls! The fact that women slammed on the road turned out to be in the 80's. More and more women went to business to make a career and of course business shoes were heard. Dress to impress! Shoes fulfilled three requirements in this time: feminine, comfortable and extra sturdy. Were you crazy about sports, then you wore the revolutionary Nike Air Jordan III or Nike Air Max.

Shoes 90's
In the 90's there was a lot to choose from. Several shoe hips flew over and it really went all the way. Thus we know the shoes with flashing lights, the Spice Girls plateau soles, the Timberland shoes, the glitter water shoes and Dr. Martens shoes. We love the nineties!

Shoes 2000 to 2009
The focus is on the real 'it' items in this period. Items that you really should have wanted to go with fashion trends. In this period we learned, among other things, Birkinstocks, K-Swiss and shoes with studs. Piece of raging popular 'it' items that everyone wanted. And what everyone wanted to be wanted to be!

Shoe Fashion 2010 to date
New trends mean new shoe fashion! Together with old fashion trends, you'll see old fashion trends making their return in the fashion scene. A bit of now and a bit of now so, but what can the heart of the shoelover now beat faster? First of all, nice sneakers made of chic leather or suede and an over the top sport with unusual details and bold color combinations. The stylish, fashion conscious man can also pick up his heart with brightly colored soles because it may stand out! For female shoe lovers, the shoe fashion offers a multitude of beautiful beads. For example, the plateau soles back all the way back (the higher, the better!) And its shoes with straps and cone heels (heels in the shape of an ice cube) can not be dragged. And we know what that means: let's go shoe shopping!