Clothing: Everybody is wearing it, but do you think about where your clothes come from? Especially if you consider it important to live environmentally consciously, wearing durable shoes and clothing is crucial. Read on quickly for some tips to help you get a sustainable and environmentally conscious life!

Finding sustainable shoes

1. Unparalleled: save on environmentally friendly shoes
It is often difficult to find an environmentally friendly alternative for buying shoes. Finding sustainable shoes that are not used is often hard to find. Unparalleled could be the solution to that. Unparalleled pairs are made of two loose shoes that hold shoe stores because the other is lost or stolen. This causes pairs to remain with a different size, these are unparalleled and are often discarded. Awesome sin! Via you can find such shorts, so quickly looking for cheap and environmentally conscious shoes.

2. Vegan Leather: Durable or not?
Shoes can of course be sustainable for various reasons, for example by ensuring good working conditions. An important point may also be that no animal product is used for the shoes. An alternative would be to buy PVC or fake leather shoes, but this often does not mean that it is about durable shoes. This material has a much more negative effect on the environment and thus is less environmentally aware in another way.

Find sustainable clothing brands

3. Observe approval marks
Fortunately, you do not have to decide which brands make or sell sustainable clothing. There are various brands that clearly indicate whether or not a brand is sustainable or environmentally conscious to buy. You can find these identifiers via the Keynote Marker.

4. Choose Slow Fashion
Slow Fashion is an umbrella term for brands who want to contribute to an environmentally conscious life through their designs. They design their clothes with attention to the environment. Often, the style of this clothing is also timeless, which will cause you to wear this garment much longer, instead of throwing it away if it's no longer trendy. The ultimate form of durable clothes.

Choose for Organic Cotton
Cotton is by far the most burdensome of the environment for all clothing materials. If you want to shop for sustainable shopping, then you will leave this material out of the way. A sustainable alternative is organic cotton, which you can recognize in the EKO quality mark. This is less severe for the environment because no pesticides or genetically engineered raw materials are used in the production process.