Where do you search for?

A little misunderstanding comes up when talking about shoes with different sizes. Almost all people known with the problems of having two (2) different sized feet use all kinds of terms. That’s actually really unfortunate because mainly therefore it’s hard to find us online. Terms like;
- unequal sized feet
- Oddpairshoes, odd pair shoes or oddpair shoes
- 2 different sized feet or two different sized feet
- Different kind of shoes
- Uneven feet
- Odd sized shoes and for example oddsize shoes
These are just a few of the many words people use when the talk about the same problem. But at the end all of them search for a website like oddpairshoes.com. A website where the difference between your feet does not matter!

We hope you are able to find the right pair of shoes for both your left and your right feet.

Yours Sincerely,

Team Oddpairshoes.com / oddpairshoes.co.uk