About us

Welcome to our webshop Oddpairshoes.com! 

We are Oddpairshoes.com and we sell beautiful brand shoes for people with unequal size feet for an affordable price. 

How the company started 

Three years back I (Daan Engelen:linkedin.com/in/daan-engelen-a0467a25) was walking in the warehouse of my Fathers shoe company. A shoe company named Engelen Schoenmode. During my walk i fell over a bunch of shoes. Unclear what kind of shoes they where I asked my father. 

He told me that all shoe shops end up with shoes with different sizes for the left and right shoe. This can happen by transferring them from one shoe shop to another. Another possibility is where a customer tried on two pairs of shoes and they accidently took home a different left and right size shoe. Leaving the shoe store with the opposite right and left shoe. These shoes were a really big problem because they were unsellable and a big financial problem. 

I knew from my background in the shoe industry that there are also allot of people with unequal size feet. A recent study says that about 25% of people have unequal size feet. For 2% of the population the size difference is sow substantial that they can’t fit in a regular size shoe. 

This means they have to buy two pairs of shoes which of course is really expensive and also leaves them with the left over shoes where they got no use for. This situation where we got beautiful new brand shoes that are unsellable for the retailer and a large group of people that have different size feet was the beginning of the idea. At that time it gave me and my college friend Robin Coes the idea to start a webshop selling these shoes. This webshop is called onpaarschoenen (oddpairshoes a direct translation from this name). 

In these years we have worked our asses off to improve the collection that we can offer to you our customer. In the mean time we also got some attention from news programmes and have even won The Get in The Ring Event that is a competition for the best start up in the Netherlands. 

Also we recently started our own unique custom made shoes service. This is a service where you can buy your left and right shoe separately. However this custom made shoe service is without the long waiting times or high costs that are associated with “traditional” custom made shoes. The main goal of this service is that people with different size feet can just as easy, affordable and sustainable buy shoes as somebody with the same size feet. 

The team & partners; 

At this moment our team consists of 5 people. We have me, Daan Engelen, Partner Success Manager and owner from Oddpairshoes.com responsible for all our partners within Europe. My main task Is to find new suppliers and build up a good relationship with our current partners Do you know a shoe chain, get me in contact with them, I will make sure we have there collection online as soon as possible. 

Then we have co-owner and Internet marketeer Niek Bruins. His main focus is to make sure that the word and concept of Oddpairshoes gets out in to the world. 

Frank Smit is our skilled product Photographer. Always making sure, the right information is given for each odd pair shoe. Above all making sure the quality of the shoes really is noticeable from the product pictures. 

Our incognito Developer who continuously improve our website according to the feedback we get of you (our customer). So always feel free to comment on anything you encounter during the use of our website and he will make sure we take your opinion into account. 

If you still would like to know more, or have any questions, feel free to contact! 

Oddpairshoes.com / Onpaarschoenen.nl
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7523 HP at Enschede, The Netherlands 
Phone number: +31 088 - 02 84 364
E-mailadres: info@oddpairshoes.com 
Chambre of Commerce number: 73180394 
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